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Thinking Of Installing A Home Dry Sauna?

If you are thinking of installing a sauna at home, then choosing an infrared sauna will definitely offer you more advantages than conventional saunas. They are easy to install, consume less energy and are definitely more effective than their counterparts.

Infrared Saunas Use less energy than conventional saunas

If you are serious about reducing your energy costs without cutting down on the health benefits and pleasures of a sauna session, then choosing an infrared sauna is the best choice you can make. This is because they heat the body directly and waste no time in heating the air first.

What’s the difference between a wet and a dry sauna?

Saunas use some heat source to heat different materials, most commonly stones that then radiate heat at very high temperatures. The difference between a wet and dry sauna is that in the wet sauna, water is poured over the stones, producing steam while in the dry saunas no water is added.

Understanding the nature of infrared sauna therapy

Infrared waves that are produced in infrared therapy are of the same class that is present in sunlight, and are harmless. It penetrates deep into the body and stimulates the production of sweat, and helps in elimination of bodily wastes. It is so safe it is the technology used to heat premature babies in hospitals.